Reviews of the Best Physical Therapy Center for Back Pain in Erie, PA

We go out of our way to ensure that each and every experience at Ashley and Kuzma is a positive one.


A Positive experience with us

Mike and Greg are amazing therapists and their staff is awesome too. When it comes to that adage of "going above and beyond," they define it. When it comes to making a difference, they are the difference.

They have treated me throughout the years for various challenges my Multiple Sclerosis has thrown at me. From the weakness in my legs, my core, my arms and most recently my frozen shoulder, they make PT fun even with its hard work and sometimes excruciating pain. It is gratifying seeing the improved results as they work on my shoulder. They are kind, considerate, funny, and incredibly generous. They do not give up on me and encourage me not to give up on myself.

Thank you Ashley and Kuzma Therapeutics!


Nancy M.

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