Back Pain Relief in Erie, PA

Back pain is a common ailment that many clients face. Suffering through your reoccurring back pain is troublesome & simply not practical. If you're faced with chronic back pain, there are solutions. With physical therapy and rehabilitation services, you can work towards life without frequent back pain! At Ashley and Kuzma Therapeutics in Erie, PA, we offer a variety of treatment approaches to target your back pain and find you relief.

Common Back Pain 

There are countless potential remedies for back pain to explore before turning to surgery, and people tend to have vastly different reactions to each. Many common treatments for back pain include rest, heat and ice, or over-the-counter medications. Many patients feel that these at-home remedies simply aren't doing enough to treat their back pain long-term. From muscle relaxers and epidural steroid injections to back braces and acupuncture, you may feel as if you've tried everything to alleviate your pain. Hopefully, none of these treatments made your issue worse, though there is risk associated with them. When it comes to the health of your back and spine, it really is best to consult with professionals like those at Ashley and Kuzma Therapeutics. Physical therapy offers a well-rounded approach to get to the main cause of your back pain.

Eliminate Your Back Pain Today!

When you're ready to turn the experts who can help you start enjoying relief from your back pain, give our office a call to schedule an appointment. Ashley & Kuzma Therapeutics is Erie, PA's back pain specialist of choice!